Alight Motion

Alight Motion is the first and best professional motion design application for Android or Tablet users, that brings professional quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing and so on.

If u download Alight Motion application in Google Play Store, its free to use with lot of features. But when we save our project it’s export with watermark/logo on videos you create. There are several paid options in the application to remove the watermark and to access lot of premium features. Among subscriptions are processed by Google via the Google Play Store app or Google Play Store website. You can find more information on subscriptions at

Be part of the movement! Alight Motion apk is the first pro motion graphics application for Android users, bringing you professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, and video compositing.

The Greatest Video and Animation App Available Now!

It is one of the top and best application for aspiring graphic designers, videographers, and animators by using smartphones. It is an amazingly simple and easy-to-use software for video and animation purposes. By using this application, you don’t need to stay in single place to work on creating your video.

Alight Motion Features

By using this application on smartphones, we can produce professional quality results.

  •  Multiple layers of graphics, video and audio
  •  Vector and bitmap support (edit vector graphics directly in the application)
  •  Over 100 basic effects building blocks that can be combined to create visual effects
  •  Keyframe animation available for all settings
  •  Grouping and masking
  •  Color adjustment
  •  Facilitate animation for smoother movement: Choose from presets or create your own time curves
  •  Speed-based motion blur
  •  Export MP4 video/GIF animation
  •  Solid and gradient color fill effects
  •  Edge and shadow effects
  •  Custom font support
  •  Save your favorite items for easy reuse in future projects

The application was developed by recently established company, but within a short period gained over one million downloads and also got lots of positive reviews and highly-rated(Stars) in Google Play Store.

It is one of the best and interesting feature of Alight Motion Apk. Keyframe is the frame by frame video animation that you can edit frame by frame. You can add custom elements and edit one frame at a time of the video animation, means you will be able to edit your animation video in detail. There are a lot of elements are available in the app itself that you can add in the animation video frame. Position of the object can also be changed frame by frame. Alight Motion Pro offers you the absolute control to edit a complete animation video.


Effects in the animation video gives a next level look to your video, So Alight Motion Pro offers you inbuilt Visual Effects to use in the motion graphic vidoes. There are a 1000s of Visual effects available in store like Hot color, exposer, colour tune, highlights and shadows, clouds, etc and much more. You can easily use these video effects in your animation. This gives your animation video and great look. Tune color can help you to tune the video animation color. You can also control the exposer in the video by applying these all visual effects.
Blending mode in the video helps to add multiple layers and to adjust shape and size of layers. Alight Motion Mod Apk allows you to add multiple layers with Blending Mode options. These options are used to adjust the layers with each others. Opacity of layers can also be changed, you can change according to your choice. These are tons of presets available for the blending modes in alight motion pro app itself.


Vector Graphics helps you to make the animation video with the help of Vector Graphics. Vectors are really cool and minimilistic images that you can animate in Alight Motion Mod APK. These are the image scetches in the in 2D or 3D shapes that you can add in the animation video. You can be able to animate the vector images in the video Graphics. Create your custom vector images and animate in the animation video.
Alight Motion Pro Apk offers you 2000+ inbuilt fonts in the app that you can use in your video as the text layers. Add text in the Graphic animation video and you can easily animate the text in various forms. Multiple fonts are available, you can easily make your text font really cool and attractive. There are thousands of fonts available but still if you want to use your custom text font then you can also add your own text font.
This is an amazing thing of Alight Motion Apk that you can export in multiple formats of video. You can also export a particular image frame from the video. There are a lot of video and animation formats available to export your animated videos. Available formats are MP4 (video), GIF, XML, PNG, JPEG, etc. You can easily export your animated videos in these available formats. You can easily share these files in any of platform in multiple formats.
  • Add multiple layers in animation videos with blending options
  • 2000+ inbuilt fonts are available
  • Adjust aspect ratio of thevideo
  • Also you can add your custom Fonts in the video
  • Tune colors and adjust video apperence
  • KeyFrame animation helps to edit video frame by frame
  • A lot of visual effects are available to apply in your animation video
  • You can also create your own vector animation in video
  • Export video in Multiple formats like MP4, GIF, etc.
  • No Watermark will be in your video
  • All the Premium features are unlocked
  • & even Much More ! 😜
  • New Effects: Hollow Box, Electric Edges, Smooth Edges
  • • Improved the Oscillate effect (it’s much easier to adjust now!)
  • • New Effects: Soft Glow, Light Glow, Edge Glow
  • • Bug Fixes
  • • New frame rate options: 18fps, 20fps
  • • Added Thai and Malay translations
  • New Effect Browser with search and presets!
  • • New Effects: Hexagon Tile Rotate, Hexagon Tile Shift
  • • Improved Effects: Dots, Turbulence, Luma Key, Motion Blur, Flip Layer, Solid Matte
  • • Most effects fine-tuned: Clearer labels, more sensible numbers
  • • New Effect Guide: detailed instructions for every effect
  • • Fixed rare bug saving video codec evaluation results
  • • Audio re-sampler can be changed, for less preview lag on slower devices
  • • Bug fixes and performance improvements
Now, comes to the installation part. installation of Alight Motion Apk is really simple and easy, just follow these few steps given in the graphic image below and the Alight Motion Pro will be successfully installed in your Android Smartphone

What can you do with Alight Motion?

  • A variety of interesting effects for your videos
  • Editing videos in multiple layers
  • Quickly save your favorite elements
  • Free to use
  • Video and Animation Editor
  • Brilliant tools for animations and motion graphics
  • Import your own editing materials or download them from the library

Alight Motion allows users to create new projects and their work. You will be able to add to the new project the photos and videos available on the device. Alight Motion allows users to export videos in many formats such as regular videos, GIF images, Image sequence, Project Package and PNG images. Alight Motion also provides distortion effects (distortion/warp) to make your videos become more attractive. [the_ad id=”229″]

This Application has plenty of functionalities such as we can adjust the image color, add transitions to merge videos, and use some really cool effects with animations. Apart from this, we can use lot of templates and particles in this application, which delivers loads of fun in post-production.

Alight Motion also have lot of features like shapes, media, text, and drawing resources to design our project. By using this application, we can develop our creativity as new project or import any file to the programs timeline. It’s a great choice for professional designers using smartphones.

Compared to PowerDirector, Soloop, and FilmoraGO, Alight Motion has lot of creating stunning animations and give a detailed finished output file.With this video editing application, we can edit images with text, animations, filters and so on.

The quality of the music is not good, because we can able to notice glitches in audio and also it’s take lot of time duration to export sound files are the main lag of using this application. Apart from this, the application works well on different versions of Android and runs smoothly on all leading devices.

Customizable Building-block Effects

Combine building blocks from our library of over 100+ customizable effects to create an infinite variety of unique and sophisticated professional visual effects to precisely suit your needs and express your creativity.

Professional Features

Alight Motion has everything you need to produce professional-quality results right on your phone or tablet.

  • Multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio
  • Vector and bitmap support (edit vector graphics right in the app!)
  • 100+ basic effect building blocks that can be combined to create sophisticated visual effects
  • Keyframe animation available for all settings
  • Animation easing for more fluid motion: Pick from presets or build your own timing curves
  • Grouping and Masking
  • Color Tuning and Adjustment
  • Velocity-based motion blur
  • Export MP4 video in H.264 and HEVC, GIF animation, PNG sequences and more
  • Share project packages to move projects between devices or send them to other users in an editable format
  • Solid color, gradient, and media fill
  • Stroke, Shadow, and Multi-Border effects
  • Custom font support
  • Save your favorite elements for easy re-use in future projects
  • Fully cross-platform: Works on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices

Is Alight Motion a good choice?

With this reliable, useful, and free Android video editor, you can create amazing motion graphics directly on your smartphone. The development team claims that the application is the first of its kind to be available on Android, iPad, and iPhone. Alight Motion is a sophisticated tool, which supports video editing, VFX, and other innovative features. The application can give tough competition to professional grade alternatives like After Effects, Davinci Resolve, and Premier Pro.

How do I import XML into Alight Motion on iOS?

Alight motion app doesn’t allows to import XML files on ios you can only import presets through alight links. In case of Android you still can import xml files on the version 3.2.0 and below from the 3.2.1 update version on alight motion doesn’t allow to import XML files.


  • Comes with a simple interface
  • Saves favorite elements for future use
  • Supports fluid animations
  • Offers good customer support


  • Tiles and keyframes have issues
  • Occasional crashes with some devices



Alight Motion is a smartphone or tablet application, which helps us to create professional videos. If you want to trail this application, you can download the free app on the app store. But, if you want to enjoy the advanced features with no Watermark, you can download the app at our web.

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